Tuition and Fees
450 hours (max. 6 months)
Tuition $3,200
Enrollment Fee $100
Misc. Fee (notary & pics) $20
Student Kit, Books, Supplies $230
Total $3,550

General Hours (Theory)
Book knowledge, teaching techniques, visual aid equipment, classroom management, student motivation, product knowledge and state laws.
Required Total Hours: 125

Physical Hours
Permanent waving, relaxers, shampooing, nail care, facials, hair coloring/lightening, haircutting and clinic floor management.
Required Total Hours: 200

Lesson Planning
Course outlining and development, lesson planning and motivation, record keeping, testing and grading.
Required Total Hours: 125

Application Requirements
a. High School Diploma or GED
b. At least 17 years of age
c. Hold a valid Tennessee Master Barber License